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Wizard 101 Game Review 2022 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) where players get to become wizards. Players can customize everything about their wizard, including their gender, hair, and skin color.

Kid-friendly online handles are generated by players choosing from combinations of predetermined names. Players choose their “school” (field of magical study based on things like fire, ice, storm, and death) and then begin their career at Ravenswood Academy. Players go on quests, searching for items and fighting monsters to gain items, gold, spells, and experience.

Turn-based combat involves trading spells with opponents (monsters while exploring, other players when dueling) in a trading card game style. In addition to questing, players can duel, garden, fish, craft items, play mini-games, enter derby races, and own and decorate their own dorm rooms and homes. Since the game’s 2008 launch, the game has grown from four to 13 worlds for players to explore, and a recent graphics update brings the game up to a higher standard of artistic polish.

Wizard 101 Game Review 2022 | Features

  • Seven schools of magic: Use training and spells from the seven museums of Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth, Life, Death, and Balance.
  • Play with friends: Join a group and adventure at Wizard 101 with your friends.
  • Crafts & Player Housing: Create your own wardrobe and customize your home with 1500+ decor.
  • Unique pets: Get unique pets and train them to be stronger or compete them in pet derbies.
  • Player versus player: Take part in PvP with other players in Practice and Ranked Duels.
Wizard 101 Game Review 2022

Talk to Your Kids

Families can cite commercialism to children. do you feel pressured by games like Wizard one zero one once bonus things and exclusive content unit of measurement are frequently promoted to players for additional money?

Do you data heaps of game time is just too much? area unit you ready to distinguish the way to line screen limits for yourself?

Price: Free & Subscription

Pricing structure: Paid, Free (Game has vied without charge, however, there are also subscription selections that modify from $6.95 a month per account for family plans, $9.95 a month for ancient subscriptions, six months for $49.95, and yearly subscriptions for $79.95.

Game Details

  • Platforms: Windows
  • Subjects: Language & Reading: following directions, reading
  • Math: patterns
  • Hobbies: board games
  • Skills: Thinking & Reasoning: decision-making, strategy
  • Creativity: imagination, making new creations
  • Self-Direction: achieving goals, identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Collaboration: meeting challenges together, teamwork

It’s Any Good: Wizard 101

The year 2022 marks the net school’s tenth day of remembrance, and it returns a protracted means since it began. additionally, to introducing new locations, Wizard one zero has extra plenty of new things, stories, and activities for teenagers to get pleasure from. child wizards get to explore cool-themed worlds providing glimpses of Ancient Egypt, Steampunk house, the center Ages, the African savannah, a rival faculty (Pigswick Academy), and more.

These fun, colorful locations square measure designed for optimum journey and embody complicated four-player dungeons filled with difficult bosses and narrative surprises. tho’ enjoying alone is completely doable, cluster play is simple as a result of players will mechanically be a part of one another’s battles.

Wizard 101 : Key Features

Unique Combat System – players draw cards in turn-based combat that verify what spells they will solid.

Extensive Voice Acting – each NPC encompasses a distinctive voice.

Customize Your skills – select spells from all seven colleges of magic to develop your own playstyle.

Extensive Hobbies – fish, craft, raise pets, and claim your own castle.

Ranked PvP – fight against different players solo or vie as up to a bunch of

Wizard 101 Game Summary

Wizard101 may be a play Zoid that mixes RPG elements and collectible cards. choose a university of magic, like Death or Ice, to access a sphere of distinctive spells. Turn-based combat sees players draw cards from their deck of spells, selecting that to solid in associate passing single flip. Spells do not appear to be restricted injury to wreck to break with the provision of a variety of status-effect spells that boost player’s harm, reduce enemy defenses, and heal. Leveling unlocks new spells and new worlds.

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