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Total battle Online game review Gather heroes in a clan, farm a huge map full of treasures and monsters, promote your friends with titles, train a unique army, and beat foreign kingdoms(foe.83).

Caliber [DOI] Many GEOs

If you choose(br) to attack a giant beast (f.p) or city, your army (h.c rm)will go to the target. Their speed depends on the distance to the city or the size of the target. You can let your troops go and attack if you take care of your city; the results of the attack will be sent to you through your diary.

Total battle Online game review

Total battle Online game Overview

Total Battle, a free-to-play browser strategy game by Scorewarrior Ltd, permits you to build your inheritance from the ashes. You begin with a ragged army of your most loyal men when being betrayed by your highest counsel. Reclaim your lost ancestry and grow your kingdom to become the land’s most feared monarch!
Total Battle provides a massive vary of military and political conquest choices. you’ll be able to go it alone or aggroup with alternative gamers to require on human and… non-human opponents. Investigate the foremost advanced technology, akin to the capability to transport your troops into the middle of combat. to revive your throne, clear the land of enemy monsters and confront other rulers

Will it price cash or are there in-game purchases on the market?

The sport and basic play options are available for free.

Special Features

  • Restore Your Kingdom – You must construct your town, gather AN army, and refill your treasury so as to rebuild your kingdom. Time is of the essence; opponents abound, waiting to pounce on any indication of weakness. arrange your city and keep it in smart shape.
  • Take ControlGather powerful forces by recruiting and coaching them. Powerful instrumentality intentional from materials recovered from long-lost tombs and dungeons can facilitate them improve their talents. Gifts and titles will strengthen your forces’ commitment, permitting you to guide them to victory.
  • Forge Alliances — Winning a battle is great, however never having to fight is even better. Diplomacy will take you a long way. cooperate with alternative players to fight common opponents and reach common objectives.Total battle Online game review
  • Instant Action — In Total Battle, you won’t need to wait long for your forces to hit their destinations. Your mages have puzzled out a way to transfer your troopers to their final destination fleetly so fighting can begin.

Every week, intense conflicts prove for the possibility to sit down on the throne. However, merely sweeping the sphere isn’t enough; you want to even be elective by a council of other players. Total battle Online game Who reigns supreme is determined by both politics and power. Total battle Online game review

Total Battle


  • Something new every day and you will never get bored
  • Fun-filled events
  • Sophisticated graphics


  • Updates problems
  • Game Glitches

Graphics and Interface

Total battle Online game review interactive parts necessitated meticulous animation work.
during this case, the 2nd animation was created for the characters and also the loading screen.
The meticulous execution of the most character, encompassing objects, and surroundings animation afford a large vary of player actions. This allows for realistic movement and response of any player-interacted item.

The beast soul

The Gods who created the planet became ancient with the passage of time. These creatures were fighting each other for an area among the stars. in time they found a standard enemy – humans. Unite the simplest warriors beneath your banner and wipe out these bloody monsters who invaded your lands. Total battle Online game review


It isn’t enough to own thousands of soldiers behind you. each alternative week the Total battle Online game review drums announce the Clash for Throne. on with war actions, you want to additionally persuade other senators to vote for you.

Total battle Gameplay

It’s not every day that we have a tendency to bump into a game like Total Battle: military science Strategy, that is primarily targeted on conflict and warfare. not like other war games, which need you to pay a major quantity of your time constructing your city and increasing your army before collaborating within the conflict. Total battle Online game review
Total Battle throws you right into the thick of things, forcing you to fight your method round the globe map if you wish to survive.

With a title therefore unlike the other war game, you’ll got to alter your Total Battle strategy properly if you want to triumph.
– One major distinction in Total Battle will be noticeable to anyone who has already vie different war games. the actual fact that this game prioritizes warfare over all else.
Total battle Online game review whereas you’ll got to pay a while in your city renovating structures and making new structures, you’ll presumably be exploring the world space seeking Nonproliferation Center adversaries to attack and crypts to investigate.


Furthermore, you’ll often use your champions to go to arenas, as these are an exquisite supply of additional materials for your town. Of course, there are varied gathering spots on the world where you’ll send your army to reap provides and come them to your settlement.
Of short, compared to different games within the genre, the globe map is a lot of vital than ever in Total Battle.
Total battle Online game review to form the foremost of some time during this game, you want to break yourself from the habit of paying the bulk of your time in city and instead devote some time to exploring the massive open world in search of riches.

when finishing the tutorial’s initial few objectives, you’ll acquire the Novice Boost, one of the foremost powerful boosts to assist you get started. This strong boon will increase the pace of your marches, lowers the value of revival, activates your Watchtower, and permits you to hurry up ANY building project for free. As you would possibly expect, this boon could be a large help to your city throughout the primary twenty four hours of the game, and you’ll got to cash in of it if you wish to remain alive.

Whereas the Novice Boost is active, you must consider the following:

Complete any unfinished construction tasks: You can effectively speed up any and every one construction comes in your city whereas the Novice Boost is active. need to you need to} make the foremost of now to advance your community the maximum amount as possible. However, as a result of you won’t got to watch for your structures to end naturally, your main constraint are resources; you won’t be able to create everything you desire, that takes USA to our next topic. Total battle Online game review
seek for resources on the globe Map: as a result of you’ll want to form as much as possible, you’ll need to look for additional resources where you can. Total battle Online game review Fortunately, the Novice Boost also doubles your march speed and lowers your revival charges, therefore it’s a nice time to wage war on something and everybody who gets in your way.

Total battle Online game review

Attack wandering creatures, acquire resources from aggregation locations, and explore crypts along with your idle champions throughout this period. keep in mind that in Total battle Online game review, you’ll launch as several cooccurring attacks as you wish as long as you’ve got champions to command your forces. Don’t be anxious regarding troop losses; you can quickly revive most of your fatalities within the temple for a fraction of the fee you’d pay while not the Novice Boost. Total battle Online game review
You can effectively become independent from and make for devastation on the globe map whereas the Novice Boost is active, all for the sake of improvement and advancement! If you must you want to you got to place, however, you must prioritize raising your Capitol as high as possible, as this may permit you to unlock a lot of empty tons on that to construct more production buildings. To unlock an outsized range of lots, you’ll want to reach Capitol level vi or 7.Total battle Online game review
You’ll need tons of resources at the beginning of Total Battle to make your city the maximum amount as possible. As previously said, you can got to comb the landscape for materials throughout this initial development rush. This does, however, imply that you’ll need to train the proper personnel for the job.

Game Modes

  • Campaign
  • Battles
  • Quest battles / Set-piece battles
  • Custom battles
  • Multiplayer

Continue the Story Missions

Whenever you find yourself while not knowing what to do, take into account following the most story missions. Not solely are these tasks terribly simple and quick, however they additionally offer resources as rewards for finishing each step. Furthermore, these missions also unlock progress toward the main “story” although Total battle Online game review this narrative is basically moot within the grand theme of things. Still, people who prefer to scan informed the content of their favorite games can most likely relish in the indisputable fact that the selections you create in the main story have an effect on the events, and even replicate in the ending of the story, giving you different titles looking on your decisions.

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