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LinkedIn Learning Reviews – Introduction

If we want to successfully analyze LinkedIn Learning Review [ 2022 ], we need to think about the nature of the topic we are discussing. If you haven’t heard of the LinkedIn Course, and you just misunderstood this review, you’re confused about what we’re talking about.

Simply put, LinkedIn Learning is a MOOC provider. The MOOC qualifies for the Massive Open Online Course. So, for this reason, LinkedIn learning is similar to social media platforms such as Udemy, edX, Coursera and other popular online learning providers.

The site (LinkedIn Learning) is also an affiliate of LinkedIn. The “Learn” version of the site is designed to help people learn the relevant skills and competencies necessary to help them build their career pathways in the current job market. The website has courses on a variety of topics from business and technology to creativity and the arts.

LinkedIn Learning Review [ 2022 ]

What’s LinkedIn Learning?

I’m certain you recognize of LinkedIn, the largest networking platform for professionals. however did you know that some years agone the corporate set to focus more on education and purchased a widely known MOOC (Massive Open on-line Course) supplier quick forwards to today, and that we see that LinkedIn Learning is currently thought of to be one amongst the most effective e-learning platforms with over 16,000 business, creative, and technology video courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced level learners.

LinkedIn Learning offers each in-depth courses and bite-size video tutorials, creating it simple to find out at your own pace. The courses are tailored to people who wish to learn new skills or expand their expertise, and organizations that are searching for a supply of coaching for their employees.

However will LinkedIn Learning Work?

Linkedin Learning

But, that doesn’t mean that you will find what you are looking for with LinkedIn Learning. So let’s find out more in this in-depth LinkedIn Learning review.

How Much Does LinkedIn Learning Cost?

You have two choices for obtaining access to LinkedIn Learning’ courses. First, you’ll be able to subscribe LinkedIn Learning directly, that prices $29.99 per month or $239.88 per year. you are doing would like a LinkedIn account (free) to subscribe. For what you get and when put next to different on-line learning services, this worth is on the high side.

The second thanks to dig is to get hold of a Premium LinkedIn account, with a couple of options for plans beginning at $39.99 per month. detain mind that a paid LinkedIn account includes several other benefits, resembling being able to message folks although you’re not connected to them, not simply access to LinkedIn Learning. we tend to see LinkedIn Learning additional as a perk instead of a draw to having a Premium account.

there’s no choice to get access to one course, that may be a shame as a result of there are some wonderful courses for specific laborious skills, notably for learning software. You can, however, get a free month-long trial of either LinkedIn Learning or a Premium subscription, reckoning on what offers LinkedIn pushes to you once you’re logged into your LinkedIn account’s

How Much Do Other Learning Sites Cost?

The cost of an online learning course varies dramatically. Masterclass sells only annual all-access subscriptions, starting at $180 per year. Skill share’s pricing has jumped around over the years but seems to have settled at a low rate of $29.88 per year. Wondrous, formerly The Great Courses Plus, starts at $20 per month. LinkedIn Learning Review [ 2022 ]

Khan Academy is 100 percent free. It’s a nonprofit organization and accepts donations. Other sites that offer more practical skills training, such as Coursera, Udacity, and Udemy, offer some courses for free while others cost anywhere from $40 to $400 per month. LinkedIn Learning Review [ 2022 ]

What Are the Classes Like?

The new version of the LinkedIn Course, which means that the videos are well -made after being called, is a glorious slideshow. This is especially true for business purposes. The videos look similar to a boardroom PowerPoint presentation.
The video tapes are cut as slow and light presenters (with very clear reading from the text) and films. Some movies are animated. There is also text. Some are similar to old cutouts, featuring B-video footage or still photos. While the cost of publication is high, it turns out to be a business -grade video presentation.

Content is always unique in these aspects. A comprehensive language writing course, for example, provides a clear explanation of why a person should write in simple language, with instructions on how to do it. But the whole show is wrapped up in a corporate style that sucks in every aspect of the presenter.

LinkedIn Learning Review [ 2022 ]

Try For Free


Free Trial Accessible LinkedIn Learning

Free Trial

one amongst the most effective options of LinkedIn Learning is that the handiness of a free trial program. this can be absolutely the best approach for you to induce an inspiration of whether or not a course or course platform is correct for you before you commit. You don’t have to pay a cent if you decide, when the primary month, that LinkedIn Learning isn’t right for you.

LinkedIn Learning Pros & Cons Review


  • Wide range of learning courses, with plenty related to business
  • Great for specific hard skills, such as software training
  • High production quality


  • Many videos have an overly corporate tone
  • Confusing classes categorization

Accessible and Relevant Courses

With LinkedIn Learning Review [ 2022 ], you’ll have access to over 10,000 completely different expert-led courses. These courses are integrative and active and might be completed from any device, together with a phone or a computer. In most cases, you’ll be able to even transfer your courses in order that you can read and complete them offline, whereas you’re on the go.

additionally to personalized course recommendations from the platform, you may even be able to assess your progress with quizzes while you complete every individual course. though the quizzes aren’t graded, they provide a decent approach for you to stay track of however well you’re doing and whether or not you have got achieved the listed course objectives.

Last Thoughts: Is LinkedIn Learning Worth It?

Ok, so let’s conclude this review on why LinkedIn Learning is worth it.

Ok, so let’s conclude this review on why LinkedIn Learning is worth it.

Nullam et nibh ac nulla commodo ultricies ac in dui. Mauris mollis leo vel nulla scelerisque laborites. If you want to learn a new skill or focus on a career track in either Business, Technology, or Creative related topic, then LinkedIn Learning is definitely the right learning platform for you. It has a wide range of courses that focus on subjects, software, or learning path.

Once you successfully complete the course you will earn a completion certificate which you can share on your LinkedIn profile.
On the other hand, if you are wanting to gain a validated certificate from a University or Partner then it is worth you check out platforms like Coursera and edX as they would meet those requirements.


Hopefully, this LinkedIn Learning Review [ 2022 ]g courses review has been useful in serving to you opt whether or not a LinkedIn Learning subscription is correct for you. whereas there are actually areas wherever the LinkedIn Learning app may be improved, overall, this platform is one amongst the easiest once it involves creating on-line learning a reality for all students.

LinkedIn Learning Review [ 2022 ] is Associate in Nursing extension of the favored LinkedIn skilled networking service. we discover that the service’s execs embody the certificates for your LinkedIn page upon completion, the comparatively long month-long trial period, the well done video previews of content, and therefore the notably high ratings of the smartphone apps.

The areas to be improved are the only tier only plan, the upper monthly cost, the preponderantly concentrate on business content, and the restricted support options.

For people who wish largely business video streaming content, LinkedIn Learning Review [ 2022 ] is certainly price a glance as a learning platform.

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